Soochipara waterfalls or Sentinel Rock waterfalls is one of the sought after destination of Wayanad district. The name is derived from the needle-like rock of the waterfall. The picturesque waterfall is located amidst the forest. The surrounding forest consists of deciduous and evergreen trees. The darkness of the forest enhances the beauty of the milky white waterfalls. The chirping sound of the insects and the white noise of the waterfall is the best combination, which brings you a feeling of contentment. The waterfall is a collage of forest, tea plantation and the wildness of the gushing water through the rocks.

The soochipara waterfall is a three-tier waterfall and the accumulated water forms a pond. This pond is apt for swimming but you should be very careful about the slippery rocks. The falls cascade down through a steep rock from a height of 100-200 ft. The place has a beautiful view of western gats.

How to reach the place?

It is located in Vellarimala, at a distance of 13 kilometers from Meppadi town of Wayanad. The path is another surprise for the tourists since it leads through the sprawling green plantation. From basement, you will need to descent down for 30 minutes to reach the waterfalls. There will be a security check at the basement to avoid plastic waste inside the forest. The trekking is another beautiful experience where you have to trek inside the forest through the rocks. The path is made of natural rock steps, which reduces the difficulty of the trekking. Monsoon is the preferred time to visit the place but during heavy rain, the place is not safe to visit. The nearest airport and railway station is Calicut. Wayanad district is well connected to Ooty as well as Mysore.

Is it a place for family trip?

Trekking will be difficult for an older person with no trekking experience. The pond is a shallow water body and it is even safe for children. The pace is very connected to the major towns. Therefore, you do not have to worry. This place can be recommended for kids to know the values of Mother Nature and the pristine beauty of the forest, which is being disappeared from the world. There are many resorts located near the falls.

What are the activities to do around the falls?

  • Rock climbing
  • Trekking
  • Swimming
  • White water rafting.

So don’t miss the trip to Wayanad, the unique terrain of Kerala.  And the feeling of smoothening chilling of Soochipara awaits your arrival.