Nested at the hills of Nilgiri, Masinagudi is the wild side of Tamil Nadu. Masinagudi is an isolated pretty town rich with the wilderness. The place is a bunch of hamlets like Theppakadu, Bokkapuram which are facilitated with resorts and room stays for travellers. Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary and Theppakad Elephant camp are the popular tourist destinations near Masinagudi. But the real beauty of Masinagudi lies in its waterfalls. Below listed are the two popular waterfalls in and near Masinagudi.


The Kalhatti waterfall is situated in the centre of the charming Kalhattighat of Nilgiri biosphere. The falls claims a height of 40 meters and locates around 2000 meters above the sea level. The Kalhattighat section has a total of 36 hairpin bends and this waterfall is in the 17th hairpin bend. A small trekking path from this bend leads to the fall. Either side of the trekking path has tea estates and lush green pine forest. As you climb along the path, the temperature dips and you can feel the chill and continue walking enjoying the scenic beauty of the valley. The mist around the Ghats allows the mountains to play hide and seek with you. One another welcome treat from the valley is the aroma of dried pine leaves. Regions near to the fall have many attractive flowers that attract hued butterflies. The Ghats are also popular for hang gliding, so the adventure in you can even try that.  The Kalhatti waterfall is 15 km away from Masinagudi and 14 km from Ooty.


Moyar is a small village situated 11 km away from Masinagudi. The path of 11 km passes through the borders of Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary and Moyar. Moyar is the last village in this direction. This path is purely organic and untouched by civilization. Once you get the permission of the Forest Department from Masinagudi, you can make a small trek to Moyar falls. This is absolutely a pleasing and attractive two-step waterfall where the water drops down quite a lot of feet into the canyon. This is surrounded by high hills and the terrain nearby is slippery and dangerous. Very rarely people get permission from the forest department to visit here considering past few unfortunate incidents. Still, the adventurers can have a try and make a vigilant trip.

Kalhatti waterfall and Moyar is just two names but there are many such large and small water delighters in Masinagudi. Include these waterfalls when you plan a Masinagudi or Mudumalai trip. This will surely add a chilling feel to the overall trip. So do plan now and enjoy an ideal vacation escapade along with family and friends.