Masinagudi is a renowned tourist hotspot for the adventurous nature lover. Located in the wonderful and unique surrounding of Nilgiri, this refreshing hill station never fails to astonish its guests. Masinagudi is a part of Mudumalai national park in Tamilnadu. The calm and lush green forest is home for unique and rare species of wild fauna. Deep within the forest, you will find the majestic family of elephant and tigers. Since Masinagudi has a rich population of wild animals you will never miss a chance to meet the true adventure. But is that enough? If you want to completely savour the thrilling experience of jungle safari night camping is a perfect choice. Those who experienced a night safari in Masinagudi will never miss another chance to have those moments again.

  • Why night safari?

The day time of Masinagudi has a vivid visual treat for any normal visitor. But those who want to go out of the box, the night is the perfect launching time. By choosing a night safari you are getting an exclusive chance to observe the nocturnal predators and other Nightwalkers. Rather than daylight, all your senses are sharp for the suspenseful pursuit of wild ones. With the assistance of experienced guides, night safari will become a lifetime memory for you and your family.

  • What are the preparations

Night safari in Masinagudi will become more enjoyable if you have some preplanning. Take jackets or sweaters to get protection from cold weather and small insects. Avoid plastic materials and food item (resorts in Masinagudi will serve you great food). Take a backpack and get your camera ready for the action.

  • The speciality of Masinagudi night

Masinagudi night safari is strictly based on the principle of responsible ecotourism. The common rule of resorts in Masinagudi is to preserve the interest of the guest as well as the wild. Since night safari is a complete package of food and accommodation you can free up your mind and enjoy the very essence of the jungle. With the touch of Mudumalai forest, Masinagudi night is a vibrant gala of wild animals. With more than 300 spacious and fabulous plants Masinagudi is an epic story. When you walk in the dark the numerous tales about Masinagudi will echo in your ear.

  • How to get a chance for the night safari

Being a conserved forest you can’t directly camp in Masinagudi. But don’t worry. There are many professional tourist handles in Masinagudi which offers night safari at a reasonable price. You can avail the forest department vehicle or private jeep to reach the jungle. As Ooty is the nearest point you can easily get directed to Masinagudi. Remember, if you want to camp in the forest then resorts with five-star facilities are a better option. They can arrange and plan the complete tour for you with maximum security and facility.