Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Ever heard this expression? Well, you will find what it means once you visit the lush and vibrant forest of Masinagudi. Being a part of enchanting Nilgiri Mountains Masinagudi Park has become the favorite spot for adventurous tourism over the years. The possibility of adventurism in Masinagudi is gaining more and more fans all over the world each season. That’s why action-packed activities like hiking and Jeep safari is highly recommended for travelers who are curious to know the real pulse of Masinagudi forest. Since jeep safari became the most sought out tourism activity in Masinagudi there are many affordable and attractive packages available to choose from. Remember to select a genuine party with experience in the jeep safari, otherwise, you may be fooled with a jeep safari through road rather than jungle.

Why jeep safari

Masinagudi forest is a part of Mudumalai national park which connects the Western Ghats with the Eastern Ghats. So as you can imagine the dense forest of Masinagudi is a land of diversity that hosts numerous flora and fauna. And the northern part of Mudumalai national park shares border with Karnataka’s Bandipur national park which helps to form a unique habitat inside Masinagudi jungle. Many people never get to know the true thrill of a deep jungle because they merely observe it from outside as a painting. To understand the nature of Masinagudi you must step into the wild like reading a book. The most effective and safe way to explore a lush forest like Masinagudi is jeep safari. With a professional guide, a jeep safari in this green heaven surely delights your soul. In a jeep safari, travellers are assured of close face to face with the wild in its perfect form. You may get a chance to capture a herd of elephants or freely roaming tiger with all its furious colours. Home to over 227 species of birds and 50 species of mammals it is hard to finish the Masinagudi jeep safari without any achievement. With the presence of wild relatives of cultivated plants like wild rice, ginger, guava, mango you may experience an alternative world inside the forest.


Before getting ready for a jeep safari make sure you have the essentials with you for a smooth journey. Just check the below list before you start:

  1. a) cotton blanket
  2. b) sunscreen lotions
  3. c) water bottles
  4. d) binoculars and camera
  5. e) suitable dress as shorts or fitting lowers
  6. g) torch

Things you don’t need to do

for a better experience, Mudumalai, as well as Masinagudi forest safari officials, have issued certain rules to follow as a part of responsible tourism. It is advised to follow these;

  • Avoid plastic bottles and carriers
  • Don’t disturb the peace of the jungle by noise
  • Avoid fire in the forest
  • Don’t try to feed animals
  • Drive only through permitted routes

Beware of touts 

Since many are interested in Masinagudi jeep safari there are private and unexperienced groups active in this area to foul you. But you can avoid them by choosing genuine establishments online or through the forest department. It is advised to reserve your safari through online portals to avoid the hassles of time waste and regrets. Usually, jeep safaris in Masinagudi are conducted based on different time shifts. So to get the full idea of time arrangement and fee chart contact the Masinagudi forest department or visit websites of reputed resorts in the area.