Top 10 things you can do near Wild Planet Resort in Wayanad


Wayanad is the most sought after hill station of south India with a salubrious climate and captivating greenery. Perched at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level and lying midst of Western Ghat, Wayanad entertains you with myriad pleasure. Wayanad is bestowed with sprawling plantation, verdant forests, rich wildlife, gushing cascades, and lofty hill station. There are plenty of resorts available near all famous tourist sites in Wayanad. Wild Planet is one of the best among them, which provide you an opportunity to relax in the lap of nature and the salubrious climate of the hill station. The convenient location of the resort makes it easy for its visitors to indulge in various activities and site seeing in Wayanad. Here are top 10 things you can do near the Wild Planet Resort.

Luxury resorts in wayanad, resort in wayanad
Luxury resorts in wayanad, resort in wayanad
  1. Trek to Chembra peak

Chembra peak, a beautiful peak baring a heart-shaped pond at the top of the peak has always been an attraction to tourists from different part of the continent. Trekking through the enticing greenery towards the heart shaped lake is an unforgettable journey to every nature explorer.

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  1. Cycling in high range roads through teeming beauty of plantations

Cycling through a cold hill station will always be there in the bucket list of all enthusiastic travelers. Misty plantations and the perfect roads in Wayanad will definitely steal your heart with its charm.

  1. Bamboo rafting at Kuruva Island

Kuruva islands are a group of three islands located in Kabani River. It is a serene location with lots of trees and rare plant species. A walk through the forest and bamboo rafting at the river refreshes your mind and soul.

  1. Spent a day at gushing cascades

Waterfalls of Wayanad flowing through the green lush hills add up an extra beauty to the favorite tourist spot. The famous waterfalls in Wayanad are Meenmutty, Soochippara, and Kanthanpara fall. Waterfalls are located 1 to 2 km away from the road and this gives you an opportunity to trek through the virgin forest. Pools at the base of the falls are a perfect place for a quick plunge.

  1. Caving at Edakkal Caves

Edakkal caves are located at Ambukuthi mala, 1200 meter above sea level. Edakkal means “stone in between” and the cave is formed by a huge rock lying on the top of other two tall rocks. Edakkal cave is acclaimed for the scribbling from the prehistoric era. It includes the paintings of human and some writings. A 45 minutes trekking is mandatory to reach the caves.

  1. Rock climbing at the phantom rock

This place is a paradise for someone who is font of adventurous tourism. Phantom rock has a shape of the human head. The scenic beauty of forest amidst the rock makes a perfect place for nature lovers. Rock climbing is a bit risky but the viewpoint at the top is worth the risk.

  1. Boating at Pookkode Lake

Pookkode is the highest freshwater lake in Kerala, and is famous for the scattered beauty of blue lotuses and its shape. The shape of the lake resembles the shape of Indian map. The evergreen forest surrounding the lake is rich with rare flora and fauna. This is the best and safest place for the family to hang out with children.

  1. Jungle safari at Wayanad wildlife sanctuary

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary an integral part of Neelgiri biosphere reserve is conferred with several endangered species of trees and animals. Jungle safari arranged by the forest department helps you in observing nature so closely. When you travel by roads through the sanctuary, you may encounter elephants or other wild animals crossing the road.

  1. Camping at Wayanad

Sleeping and waking up in the lap of nature is not something that we get to do in everyday life. Close association with nature always brings you peace of mind. Places in Wayanad like Chembra peak, Banasura hills are best for camping in the day as well as night with a campfire

  1. Visit at Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura Sagar dam is a picturesque site due to its extensive water body and the array of hills surrounding the dam. Speed boating through the dam is a must do thing in Wayanad.