Wandering Through Wayanad


Wayanad, the major tourist destination in Kerala offers you a rare combination of different kinds of experiences.  Wayanad is one of the most sought-after tourist spots of South India due to its fascinating greenery and salubrious climate. Lying in the midst of the Western Ghats, Wayanad entertains you with its captivating nature and adventurous tourist spots. The best thing about Wayanad is that you do not have to visit several districts or countries but a single district will exhilarate you in all possible ways. Wayanad is bestowed with gushing cascades, sprawling plantation, verdant forests, lofty hill station, rich wildlife and one of the tastiest cuisine in India known as Malabar cuisine. The most admired peculiarity of Wayanad is a large number of tribal in the area.  There are 50 different tribes living in Wayanad. If you are enthusiastic about their lifestyle, you are provided with a facility to stay in a tree house or mud huts and observe their lifestyle. Resorts are available near almost all popular sites so that tourists can enjoy the nature by staying within it.

Wayanad shares border with Karnataka as well as Tamil Nadu and this makes the place most convenient for travelers. Forest of Wayanad is contiguous with Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu and Bandipur of Karnataka and this provides a wide forest area for wild animals to wander. Wayanad is conferred with several endangered species of animals as well as plants. Wayanad wildlife sanctuary consists of two wildlife sanctuaries named Tholpetty and Muthanga. Muthanga is an integral part of Nilgiri biosphere reserve and it is a part of project elephant. Muthanga is a best elephant-spotting site but still an adventurous site since you may encounter with elephants crossing the road while you travel. The forest department also arranges elephant safari for tourists to spot elephants safely. Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary treats you with lush greenery and provides you an opportunity to observe the wildlife so closely. One can see herds of deer, elephants, tigers, guars, the troop of monkeys, leopards, bears and some rare species of reptiles, butterflies, and birds. Forest management of these sanctuaries has to be followed in every other protected area since it is managed such that there is a close mutually inclusive association of tribes and wildlife.

Gushing waterfalls flowing through the green hills adds extra beauty to the stunning tourist spot. There are many waterfalls in the Wayanad district and people do not visit most of them, due to lack of proper information regarding the spots. Main tourist attraction of Wayanad is Meenmutty waterfalls the largest waterfall of Wayanad. To reach Meenmutty you may need to trek for a few minutes through the moist deciduous forest and the waterfalls is a bit dangerous.  Another famous waterfall in Wayanad is Soochippara falls. Soochippara is located midst of dense forest and the place offers you trekking and rock climbing. Kanthanpara falls is a small waterfall located 20 km away from Kalpetta. Kanthanpara is famous because it is easy to access and it is safe for children. The main attraction of the site is the quaint nature surrounding the falls. Chethalayam falls is another spectacular site with the overflowing beauty of water as well as green forest. Chethalayam is just 12 km away from Sultan Bathery. Chembra peak is the most picturesque site of Wayanad and this place can help you to explore the passionate trekker inside you. Chembra peak is the popular site among tourist visiting Wayanad. Guides are always available in the area and you can get trekking equipment for rent. You have to trek at least 9 km to reach the top. There is a heart-shaped pond on the top of the Chembra peak locally known as “Hridaya Saras” and camping facilities are available near Hridaya Saras. The pristine beauty of Chembra peak is something that you should not miss.

Malabar cuisine is a must taste cuisine since it is rich with several spices. It has a broad spectrum of dishes that can attract anyone from any place. It mainly includes Malabar biriyani, putt, beef fry, Chatti pathiry, muttamala, chemmeen pathiry etc. most of the resorts have the best kitchen and eating a regional food in the climate is mandatory if you want to taste it completely.  Plan trips properly so that you can include maximum sites. Use the opportunity to explore yourself and be the one living within nature.