Why is Wayanad a place to Chill out


Want to enjoy a chilly weekend escaping from the scorching city summer? You wish to spend a peaceful week insulated from machinery and back-breaking office schedules? Wayanad is one of the best tourist locations to go enshrouded in the mystique of nature to have a soul-cleansing experience. Wayanad is a district situated in the north east of Kerala. Blessed with picturesque natural charm and lush greenery, Wayanad delivers the everlasting experience of eco-tourism. The enchanting beauty of Wayanad is spellbinding for an outsider. Tortuous hill roads, jagged tors that kiss the azure sky, desolate passes and pristine forests will take you on a whirlwind tour to mighty manifestations of nature. Tourists who had spent a week in Wayanad would agree that you would come back by shrugging out the overwhelming lethargy of urban living.

resorts in wayanad,wayanad-tourism
resorts in wayanad,wayanad-tourism

Apart from the scenic beauty, Wayanad offers myriad of historic destinations that satiate the inquisitive mind of any historian. Twenty four kilometres from Kalpetta, there lay an ancient architectural wonder, the Batheri Jaina temple, built in the thirteenth century AD. Apart from its quirky past of existence as ammunition chamber of Tippu Sultan, this archaic temple marks the early influence of Jainism in Kerala. Other magnificent historic remains exist few miles apart from Kalpetta. It is the renowned Edakkal cave replete in vestiges of the Neolithic age. Cave paintings and excavated potteries substantiate the existence of civilization before five thousands of years.

resorts in Wayanad,wayanad-tourism
resorts in wayanad,wayanad-tourism

Undulating hills of Wayanad clad in the emerald canopy and shrouding mist provide you an unparalleled natural view. Many of these hills are abode to tribes such as Kurichya and Paniyar. It is surprising as to how these people hamstrung in the forest when the rest of the world embraced modernity. Kurichyas served as loyal warriors of King Pazassiraja in his revolt against the British. Kurichya’s innate association with jungle made them invincible against British. The treacherous green lush of Wayanad encapsulated nightmarish plight of British warriors. Trekking is therefore not only a fat-burner, but also a reminiscence of a bygone era in the melancholic hill stations. There are more tourist locations like Pookotlake, Meenmuttiwaterfalls and Kanthanpara falls which will enthrall any nature-lover.


Tourism of Kerala is inextricably associated with its culture and cuisine. Warm-hearted people along with mouth-watering cuisine will render ineffaceable memories about Kerala. Wayanad houses some of the finest resorts to cherish your best moments at affordable budget. Nestled in the canopy of trees, you can enjoy the beauty of forest life in tree houses. Think about a chilly morning, clad in blankets, sipping hot tea and slanting idly listening to the lullaby of nature. Tree houses of Wayanad give you a unique opportunity for you to enjoy thebeauty ofthe jungle life in safety.

Readingabove passage, are you anticipating a remote village which will give you a travel nightmare? The answer is a Big NO. Wayanad is one of the finest villages with easy access to Banks and ATMs. You can book stays at finest hotels through websites. If you prefer to enjoy Kerala lifestyle and cuisine, you can even book a home stay and blend in a family enjoying home-food and hospitality. So why late? Get ready with your back packs, trekking gears and Sweat shirts. Head on to Wayanad!