resorts in Ooty

OOTY – A Travel Guide

Almost all would have heard about Ooty (aka Udhagamandalam), One of the attractive hill stations in India. Nobody should miss a chance to visit this scenic beauty. The months from March to June will be the ideal time to spend there. Other months are also suitable for cold climate lovers. It takes 2 hrs to reach the destination from the nearest town, “Mettupalayam”. If you haven’t visited this place yet, It’s time to buckle up your shoes and go for a trip.
NB: Don’t forget to take your sweaters.
Some places to visit and things to do in there are listed below…..

Ooty Lake

resorts in Ooty
Anybody who visited Ooty wouldn’t have missed this place. Situated in the heart of the city, it will be the most crowded place in Ooty. It only takes 6 minutes from the town to reach this place. Several children’s parks can be found in the surroundings. A walk around the lake would be rejuvenating. You must be thinking of boating in the lake, Right? Of course, it is the 1 st thing you should give a try. Pedal boats and the motor boats are available at the boating station. Then the next thing to give a try is cycling. Cycles can be rented and you can ride around the lake enjoying the sceneries. And then comes to the horse riding, in the list of things not to be missed here.

Things not to be missed:-
1. Boating,
2. Cycling and
3. Horse Riding

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

resorts in Ooty
Considered as a world heritage site, it is one of the still running toy trains in India. Roaming around Ooty in those toy trains would be exhilarating. This railway connects Ooty to Mettupalayam. So it is better to take the toy train journey on your way back home. The train runs on steam and hence it is a slow ride so that you can sit and enjoy watching the beauty of Ooty for 3-4 hrs. You would have seen this in several movies and wanted to take a ride in those. So Ooty gives you a perfect opportunity to fulfil your dream!

Govt. Botanical Garden

resorts in Ooty
resorts in Ooty

Have you seen the famous flower show in Ooty? If you want to see that, you should come to the botanical garden in Ooty situated 17 km away from the town. Flower shows are usually held in the month of May. It is one of the most crowded places in Ooty, but still, you can find peace amidst the flowers. The Lower Garden, New Garden, Italian Garden, Conservatory, Fountain Terrace and Nurseries are the six areas in this garden. It is a paradise for couples and family.

Dodabetta Peak

Resorts in Ooty
Known as the suicide point on top, it is the highest peak in Ooty at about 9 km from the town. The view of clouds, valleys and other hill ranges makes this a perfect place to take your display picture or profile picture. Rails are constructed on the edges, so you don’t want to be afraid by hearing the name ‘suicide point’. This name came from the old incidents happened around that place.

Avalanche Lake

resorts in Ooty
resorts in Ooty

This calm and clear lake is situated 28 km from Ooty town. A small sanctuary is associated with this lake. It is a paradise for wildlife lovers. This picturesque lake is surrounded by reserved forests.
The things to do here are:-
1. Camping
2. Fishing
3. Jungle Safari: – It is a 2-hour safari and it is done by the forest department.

Avalanche Lake-

Above mentioned are the places near the Ooty town are crowded. But there some places which are less crowded or you may not be aware of. Some of them are-

Pykara Lake, River and Falls

resorts in Ooty
resorts in Ooty

25 km away from Ooty, it is a less crowded place. Boating is available here. The river is considered as sacred by the tribes living around the river. This river eventually leads to a falls in the name of the river.

Upper Bhavani Lake

resorts in Ooty
resorts in Ooty

It is a remote lake situated 20 km away from Avalanche Lake. From the base camp, we will be taken to this spot in the vehicles arranged by the forest department. This huge reservoir amidst the forest is a mind-blowing beauty.

So, when you visit Ooty next time, try to visit all the above-mentioned places, not only the easily accessible ones but also the remote ones mentioned later. A trip to Ooty gives you many beautiful memories for sure.