Bandhavgarh National Park

Top 10 must visit National parks in India

Exploring the beauty of wildlife sanctuaries in India has its own appeal, watching the animals at their natural habitats has always been a delightful as well as speculating experience.We Indians are lucky to have a varied topography that inhabits a wide variety of wildlife. Here are a few of the many national parks in India including Jim Corbet and Mudumalai that I find the best in terms of natural beauty and sightings.


  1. Jim Corbett National Park



This is  definitely  the  first name which crops in our minds  where we  mention  the  word ‘National parks in India’. Not just wildlife lovers but people looking forward to spending some time  in  the  lap  of  nature  love to visit this park. Hills, rivers,  forests, marshlands and  grasslands, the national park has it all. Spread across 520.8 sq km, the national park is located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is the oldest national park and is named after Jim Corbett who played a vital role in its establishment. The park is inhabited by the royal Bengal tiger, leopard, jungle cat, barking deer, hog deer and cheetal, sloth bear, otter, Himalayan goral, Indian pangolin, langur and many other wild animals.





2) Ranthambore National Park


This is one of the largest national parks in India which covers an area of approximately 392 Kilometers. Ranthambore is situated in the state of Rajasthan in the district of Madhopur. It is home to several great majestic cats, Hyenas, Sambar, wild boar and much more. The Ranthambore Fort is also inside this national park which is why it was named as the Ranthambore National Park. PadamTalao is the largest lake inside the park.  It is surely going to add a flavor to your adventurous journey.


3) Kaziranga National Park




Located in Assam, this National park has the highest density of Royal Bengal Tigers in the whole world. Around 2/3rd of the world’s great one-horned Rhinoceroses population is found here. It is also home to the Indian elephants also known as the holy animals, the swamp deer, and the wild water buffalo.  This World Heritage Site is also a paradise for bird watchers as migratory birds in large numbers make their way to this place during winters.


4) Sundarbans National Park




Sunderbans National Park is one of the largest and oldest in India.This area is covered by dense rain forest,sunder ban is located in west Bengal. Covered with mangrove forests, Sundarbans is the original abode of the stunning Royal Bengal Tigers. It has the highest number of Bengal Tigers than any other parks in the world. Salt-Water Crocodile can also be found in this park. Sundarbans is extremely rich in avifauna, aqua fauna and reptiles. Some of the other endangered species in this park are Gangetic Dolphin, River Terrapin, Hawks Bill Turtle and Mangrove Horseshoe Crab.




 5 ) Kanha National Park

kanha national park


Madhya Pradesh is the king of the jungle when it comes to tiger parks, and Kanha is the most famous of all jungles in the Central Indian region.It covers an area of 940 sq km in the Satpuras in Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh. It is home to a rich population of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Barasingha, Leopards, the Indian wild dog and much more.It has the honor of providing the setting for Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel, The Jungle Book.


 6) Bandipur National Park

resorts in bandipur
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The Bandipur National Park is the most popular among all the national parks in South India. It is a natural home to Elephants and several other endangered species. Lush forest of the Deccan Plateau and the Western Ghats makes this park one of the beautiful parks in India. The park is located 80 km away from Mysore and almost 215 km away from Bangalore. There are many resorts in Bandipur to make your journey a wonderful one.

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7) Bandhavgarh National Park


Bandhavgarh National Park
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Located in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh.This national parkboasts of the highest density of Royal Bengal Tigers in the world. There have been several documentaries filmed by National Geographic channel on a female tiger called Sita. The 435 sq km park contains nearly 40 species of mammals including deer, wild boar, Indian bison, sambar, barking deer and langur, some 250 species of birds and several reptiles.


8) Gir National Park


gir national park
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Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is the single home of the pure Asiatic Lions or Indian Lion and is considered to be one of the most important protected areas in India as well as in Asia. The ecosystem of Gir is perfect to support all species. The weather, habitat is perfect to support all species of wild animals and birds. The population of the Indian Lion is said to be around 411, a significant increase from the population of 2005. Apart from the majestic lions, Gir is also home to several jungle cats, sloth bears, black bucks, striped hyenas and much more.


9) Keoladeo Ghana National Park

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

Keoladeo Ghana National Park is one of the man-made wetlands in India that has been declared as a National Park. Home to over 230 species of birds, it is famously known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. This park hosts a large number of avifauna during the summers and is considered as one of the best national parks to observe exotic migratory birds and other birds of India. Located in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, this park serves as a primary centre for ornithologists and other zoological studies.


10) Mudumalai National Park


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Mudumalai with its splendid location in the foothills of Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu paints a beautiful scenery. This 321sq km forest reserve is like a classical South Indian landscape painting brought to life – thin, spindly trees and light-slotted leaves concealing spotted chital deer and grunting wild boar. The showcase species in Mudumalai is the striped royal Bengal tiger. There are around 50 tigers lurking in these jungles – giving Mudumalai the highest tiger density anywhere in the country.  If you are travelling with family/elders, there are many resorts in Mudumalai which arrange for a complimentary trip to the national park.


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Now that you have a fair idea of the 10 most dazzling national parks gracing India, pack your bags and set out for an adventurous rendezvous with nature.


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