Want something exuberating, enthralling and extravagant? Why not go and explore the amazing south and witness adventure and beauty joining together.
Be it water adventure, trekking or amazing road trips you can get it all here. So, if you are a travel buddy, please stop and to read about these five amazing places to visit down south. This sure is going to be a hell of an adventure ride.



This UNESCO World Heritage Site has much more to offer than just its charismatic ruined architecture. Located near Hospet town in Karnataka, this place is surrounded by beautiful temples, palaces, remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, treasury buildings and the list goes on and on.
Apart from its architectural marvel, it is the hub for rock climbers across the globe. Generally, rock climbers stay for a period of 5-30 days but don’t worry you even have the scope for a one day trek. Matanga Parvath is a giant rocky outcrop standing at the end of Hampi’s main bazaar area. You just need 30 mins to get to the top. If you want to experience sunrise start a little early and feel the sun splashing on your face.
This place also plays host to various water adventures like rafting, sports fishing, motor boat rides, parasailing and much more. Hampi is a packet of surprise, it is much more than what you see.
Best time to go: October – February
How to reach: Take NH7 running from Bengaluru to Hyderabad and reach the nearest Hospet town. From here Hampi is just 13 kms which can be covered in an auto, not taking more than 30 mins. Also, you could take the Hampi Express from Bengaluru.

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wayanad-arts-culture, Luxury Forest resorts in Wayanad
Luxury Forest resorts in Wayanad

Talking of south you really can’t let go of ‘God’s Own Country’. Wayanad lies on the southern tip of Deccan Plateau including parts of Western Ghats. So, I guess you can imagine how beautiful it would be! Rightly called ‘The land of paddy fields’ It is covered with rice paddies, bamboos, ginger and rubber plantations, coffee estates and to spice it all you get to see a lot of cardamoms.

Covered with dense forests you get a chance to explore the wildlife sanctuary which is spread across the neighboring two states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This 345 sq km sanctuary has two separate pockets – Muthanga in the east bordering Tamil Nadu and Tholpetty in the north bordering Karnataka.
What is best about this place is its sincere un-spoilt beauty which it has been carrying from centuries. You also need not worry about your stay as there are a lot of resorts in Wayanad apart from home stays and hotels. They also provide you with guides to make your stay much more worthwhile. People too are really amazing and would help you with all their heart.
Best time to go: October-April
How to reach: You have daily buses from Bangalore and Mysore which will take you directly to this place within 3-4 hours. The road network is really good and so reaching there is really easy. You will find a lot of resorts in Wayanad on your way, check into one.


Resorts in Wayanad, Luxury Forest resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad, Luxury Forest resorts in Wayanad

Serving as one of the best weekend getaway Coorg or Kodagu can be an ideal destination for all the nature lovers who want some thrilling adventure in life. Just get lost in an amazing road maze and experience the beautiful waterfalls while rafting down the waters.
When here you need to visit the little Tibet of Coorg. Stop at Cauvery Nisargadhama, the charming eco-island near Kushalnagar, for a dash of wildlife, birdwatching and a glimpse of exotica at the Orchid Park. Heading further you get to see the amazing Abbey falls in Madikeri. Go for a trekking to Thadiyandamol (6 km), Coorg’s highest peak. Trust me you will surely feel on ‘Top of the World’.
While in Coorg don’t miss the famous Coffee out there! You will really remember this one place surrounded by hills all over for your entire being.
Best time to go: This place seems to be good all the time.
How to reach: Buses take you here from Bangalore and Mysore almost every day. But if you are planning to take your own vehicle don’t forget that roads become narrower as you go along and the terrain becomes more and more hilly.


manchanbele, Luxury Forest resorts in Wayanad
Luxury Forest resorts in Wayanad

This land is blessed with rivers all around and that’s what makes this a classic place for all the angling adventures. You know, Arabian Sea lies around here.
Bhimeshwari can be called a paradise for all the anglers, with an abundance of mahseers. This place is 100 kms from Bangalore. Besides this, you have the Minchinbele water reservoir which gives you a chance to catch big fishes like Rohu. Also, forest lies just behind this reservoir and you might spot some wild animals and rare bird species.
Don’t forget to take your angling pieces of equipment! Who knows you might get a chance to battle some fishes!
Best time to go: November-March
How to reach: Bhimeshwari is located 50 kms south to Mysore and you can reach there by taking the old highway 209 leading from Mysore to Bangalore via Malavalli. Coming from Mysore, you have to cross Malavalli and then turn right at Halaguru, taking the road leading into the Basavana Betta forest. Bheemeshwari is 20 minutes down this road.


 Luxury Forest resorts in Wayanad
Luxury Forest resorts in Wayanad

Well, we should thank this place for making surfing possible and famous in India. If you would like to have some quality times with the waves don’t miss this place. According to many travellers, this place has one of the most beautiful beaches.
For adventurers like you, this place has a lot in store. Starting from the wave crashing surfing to the audacious banana boat ride from snorkeling into the deep sea to flying up in the sky while parasailing at the Om beach. This place will completely woo you to itself and you will have an experience of lifetime.
Best time to go: October – May
How to Reach : To reach Gokarna you can choose to take the road, train or flight. Nearest Railway station is Ankola, 20 mins from Gokarna nearest airport is Dabolim, 140 kms from Gokarna. The road network is also great with lots of KSRTC buses from all over Karnataka, also cities like Mumbai and Kochi can be connected through NH17.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to these places and experience an experience for a lifetime. Don’t forget to give your feedbacks; you might just become an inspiration for someone else!