Top 7 photography tips for travelers

Its monsoon time and Kerala is drenched in the beauty of these occasional showers. The awesomeness of the chilling breeze, the picturesque beauty, the cloudy skies, the lush green meadows and the glittering waterfalls would be a perfect feast for your camera lens. Wayanad is all decked up in the beauty of these rains. Pack your bags and ride off to Wayanad this monsoon and don’t forget your camera to capture the nature at its best.

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Here are some of the photography tips for travelers:

  • Equipment matters:


A perfect shot always happens at the most unexpected time. Keep your photography kit handy. Who knows when the timing is perfect for the perfect shot? Also, it is good to keep yourself updated with certain technical knowledge so that you do not need to stick on to the fully automatic or program settings mode and struggle to capture the shots from the same angle every time.

Here, comes the importance of choosing a equipment that best suits your needs. Listed below are the major factors that you need to consider before you choose a camera for your purpose:

  • Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (MILC)
  • Digital Single Lens Reflex (D-SLR)
  • Compact Single Cameras (CSC)
  • Compact Digital Cameras (digicams or point-and-shoot)

Some of the accessories that you need to keep in handy for enhancing your skills in photography include shutter-release cable, filters, flash, remote wireless switch and lens hoods.

Not only your skills matter but the equipment that you use has a significant role to play when it comes to the snaps that you shoot. Also, you can include the above mentioned accessories for giving your shots an extra punch.

  • Hunt for light:

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

Monsoons of course, give the surroundings a plush and feasty appearance, but summer is the time when you can grab some natural light in abundance. The effect that light can have on anything is clearly evident when it transforms anything that appears ordinary into superficially beautiful.

If you observe closely you can find that when objects are captured from a low angle of the sun during the early hours of morning or just before the dusk, it gives the subject an extraordinary appearance.

If you want some good pictures, then this is exactly where you can start toning your photography skills.

There is something called as adequate exposure which means the appropriate amount of light is used to record the intensity of colors and other details in the scene that is being captured.

So, now you know the secret behind perfectly captured pictures?

  • Practice makes a man perfect:

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

We are all human beings and it is quite natural to make some mistakes. But, if you constantly practice then, you can avoid making mistakes.

How do you start?

You can start with your first adventure or travel where you can plan and execute a beautiful shoot. Also, it gives immense of time and space to help you fine tune your skills and know your camera equipment well. While you practice you can perfectionize your technique. Your eyes should be alert when you click photos and it should have a knack to detect the changes in light.

You can use guidebooks, postcards, and souvenir books for references.

  • Research & planning:

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

Nothing works unless you have an in-depth knowledge that you harnessed out of your researches and learnings. It is impossible to learn unless you put in some effort and dedication.

Remember your aim is not just being a jack-of-all-trades tourist with a camera hanging from his neck, but you want to develop your photography skills to the maximum.

So, it is good if you can dedicate extra time.

Wake up early in the morning. You can start from the markets in your town and early in the morning when it is less crowded you can start your exploration.

Check out when and where the sun is positioned and wait for the moment when it will shine at its best on the town’s most magnificent building. Get ready for your perfect shot.

Also, if you wish to add some color to your photographs, choose a day when the town will be crowded for example, during festivals or public gatherings.

  • Working on red-eye correction:

The red-eye correction or removal tool is available inside most of the image-editing software.

You can shift the flash away from the lens, and try increasing the light in the room which usually forces the pupil to close.

You can bounce the flash off a reflective surface.

You can use your camera’s setting to get rid of the people’s red eyes that are unattractive.

A great idea is to ask them to not look directly into the lens of your camera.

  • Going raw:

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

When you wish to achieve best results on your digital camera, it is recommended that you capture these images using the raw file format option that you can find on all DSLR and advanced compact cameras.

It is the style professional photographers adopt.

  • Which are your best images so far?

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

Each and every photo is dear to us and we believe that they have been graced with our brilliance. But, you need to refine and filter whatever has been missed out and also work on improvising your faults. Assess your photos and then select the ones that you feel are the best. Find out which are the worst and work on improvising these.

These are some of the simple tips that any photographer needs to know.

Where are you travelling to this monsoon? Wayanad is all set to welcome you with the drizzles and nature blooming at its full.

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