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Top 10 temples to visit in South India

Are you planning a trip to South India? Then, it would be one of the coolest places to visit during this time when entire South India blooms in the colours of festivals. And, do not forget to catch a tour of these awesome temples in South India when you visit here the next time.

These South Indian temples offer a unique pilgrimage experiences treating you to the goodness of faith, antique rituals and varied history. Also, the most exciting thing about these temples is that these marvellous pieces of architecture have been through several invasions that have left a mark in the history.

Another unbelievable fact about these temples is that these gave birth to music that evolved around 2000 years ago. Thanks to the Indian saints whose hymns and compositions gave way to these temple songs.

So, if your next destination is South India and if you have a real enthusiasm to explore the tales behind myths and religion, then, here are 10 temples that are worth visiting here:

  • Ratha Beedi, Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi:

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The speciality of this temple located in Udupi of Karnataka State is that you can catch a glimpse of the Lord Bala Krishna through a tiny metallic window here. The spiritual aura that surrounds the temple and the mutts is something that welcomes devotees from far and wide. You can experience the awesomeness of this aura as you stroll across the lanes of the Car Street or Ratha Beedi, which is the most important ingredient on your visit to Udupi and the temple of Lord Krishna here.

  • Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum:

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Visit Trivandrum and never return without offering your prayers to Lord Padmanabhaswamy who is the savior and protector of the capital city of Kerala.

The architecture of the temple is something that will leave you surprised and excited because it would be the first time that you would be witnessing an 18-foot gigantic deity in the sanctum. And, you would have to move slowly past the three golden doors wherein first Vishnu’s head crowned on the celestial serpent Adishesha will come in view, then comes the navel of the lord and you can find lotus emanating from here, and this is from where the Lord derives his name Padmanaban and finally taking you across to the feet of the deity.

You can also listen to the glories of Lord Padmanabha that was composed in the memory of King Swathi Thirunal during the Swathi Sangeethotsavam that is held at the temple.

  • Big Temple, Thanjavur:


We invite you to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset by perching on top of the sculpted tower above the sanctum of Lord Brihadeeswara at Big Temple. The lawns of the temple complex are beckoning you to enjoy the awesomeness. Here, you can touch and feel the world that is far away from where you are taking you across the infinite space that is unending starting from the granite temple tower’s pinnacle towards the space. Also, this is a masterpiece illustration of the Chola architecture.

It takes you closer to the eternity.

  • Tirupati Temple:

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The temple in Andhra is famous all over the world for its riches. It is calculated that on an average around 22 Lakh INR is collected from its devotees on a single day.

The devotees make their offerings in significance to the huge wedding loan that Lord Balaji took to wed his beloved Goddess Padmavati. Apart, from the temple’s collection in currency which accounts to around 22 Lakh INR, the other offerings includes silver, gold and other precious jewels. You can see the temple officials counting the coins and currency notes that overflows from the devotees every day. And, now you know the reason why Tirupati Temple is one of the richest temples around the world.

  • Goddess of Kanyakumari:


Who has not heard of the beauty of Kanyakumari and the Goddess of Kanyakumari? Go and perch yourself upon the multi-coloured sands of the beachfront or on the terrace of any of the nearby building that you can find. The spectacular view of the red sphere where the sun is sinking into its horizon and then, again the moon’s white lines that appear from the other side of the horizon is Godly. Once you get the darshan of Goddess Kanyakumari, take a stroll across the coast and catch a glimpse of the moon rise from behind the calm waves.

  •  South’s Kashi:

Have you ever heard of the awesomeness of the beautiful seaside of the Mahabaleshwara temple that is located in Gokarna? If yes, then we would request you to visit this temple which is nothing less in comparison to the Vishwanath temple of Varanasi. If you are a nature lover then you have a lot to see on your way to the temple. You could catch hold of the Atmalinga shrine that dictates tales of epic stories that we all love to hear.

  •  Pooram Thrissur:

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How about delighting your sensory organs to the awesomeness of the fireworks that go on through the night of Pooram Festival at Thrissur.

Last but not least we could not refrain ourselves from mentioning the Vadakkumnathan Temple, Thiruvambadi and its neighbouring Paramekkavu that blooms in colours during the Thrissur Pooram. The grand procession led by the elephants and the lights that surround the temple’s Swaraj grounds is something that no one can miss.

  • Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore:

The Dasara celebrations at the Chamundeshwari temple in Mysore is a spectacular visual treat to the eyes. The pujas are performed by the royal clan belonging to the Wodeyars. The procession led by the elephants is something you cannot miss.

  • Nataraja Temple:

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Yet, another beautiful temple and the Sivakamasundari that glows in the mellow lights of the thousands of oil lamps that is lit during the festival is something that you cannot miss.

  •  Guruvayur Temple:

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Guruvayur Temple is one of the places which has devotees from all over the world. The Krishnattam is one of the famous festivals that happen here.

These are some of the amazing festivals in South India.

Do share your experiences and feedback with us.

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