12 unexplored wildlife sanctuaries in India

Do you wish to escape to some lone place on earth where the buzzing routine life will not eat you up? Regardless of whether you are looking for a peaceful and serene place or a place where you could delight yourself with some adventure and sports or somewhere where you could fall in love with the nature, the wildlife destinations in India are calling you.

So, get ready for some chilling fun across the varying wildlife national parks and sanctuaries that are blooming with fauna in India. You might be familiar with the names such as Ranthambore, Jim Corbett, or Kanha Tiger Reserve, where you have been taken on a safari several times on your favorite National Geographic channel.

But, there are more of these wilder destinations in India which are less known and least explored. Here, you can delight yourself to a visual feast of all those wild beauties you have always gaped upon on Television. Also, these least explored places will give you glimpses of tigers, cheetahs and even lions prowling across to catch their prey.

Places such as Bandipur and Masinagudi are some of those rarest of rare places that store in a vault of a variety of endangered species. When you visit Bandipur, you can find yourself an accommodation at some of the beautiful resorts in Bandipur from where you can get a closer view of the diverse flora and fauna that it flaunts.

We will take you across some of the least explored wild life destinations in India:

  • Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary:


Image Source : Amuraworld

To begin with we would recommend you visit one of the India’s least explored wild life destinations named as Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary. This reserved forest area is preserved under high protection and is located at a distance of around 60 km from Aurangabad city in Maharashtra. The sanctuary spreads across an area of 64,399 acres. Isn’t it unbelievable?

Have you heard of such an interesting wild life sanctuary before? This yet to be Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary cascades with the awesomeness of Southern Tropical dry deciduous forests and grasslands.

You can find a wide range of animals in the jungle such as the Wanderoo, Leopard, wild boar, Chinkara, barking deer, Jackals, jungle cat and foxes.

  • Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary:


If tigers are your favorite, then Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit for you. Here, you can spot these wild beasts that are highly endangered and on the verge of extinction. It was established as early as in the year 1975, and is considered to be one amongst those most important tiger reserves all over India and also houses a wide variety of other endangered species of animals that includes the wild bison, leopards and the royal Bengal Tiger.

Also, another exciting fact about the Achanakmar Wild life Sanctuary is that it has a close association with the popular Kanha Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh via the Kanha-Achanakmar Corridor.

It is a part of the Bilaspur Forest Division of the State of Chhattisgarh. Bilaspur is located at a distance of 60 kms from the Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Desert National Park:


Rajasthan is famous for its unique charm that lies in the natural eco-system that it has successfully built though there are a variety of other wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India. And, Desert National Park in Rajasthan falls under the category of those differently protected areas.

And, the most interesting part about this National Park is that it exhibits a really dull ecosystem that mainly consists of salt lake bottoms, sand dunes and rugged rocks. The Desert National Park showcases a wide variety of animal species that includes the Great Indian Bustard, Blackbuck, Chinkara and other migratory birds.

  • Namdapha National Park:


While we mention some of the thrilling wildlife destinations in India, we cannot refrain from mentioning the richness and beauty of this extraordinary place located in Arunachal Pradesh.

Another interesting fact about this Park is that it forms the third largest National Park in India and is also one of the highly protected areas in the Eastern Himalayas. What is so peculiar about this place is the rich and varying species of fauna and avifauna that is embedded across the forests that range from the rich tropical moist ones to the Alpine meadows. The animals that you can find here include the big cats such as the clouded leopard, snow leopard and the leopard tiger.

  • Sanjay National Park:


Image source : sanakablog

Located in the Sidhi District of Madhya Pradesh, this is amongst one of the least explored wildlife destinations in India and hides a lot of treasure that would be a delight for a wild life lover. Heard of Sal Forests? It belongs to the Sanjay National Park which flaunts a dense canopy of greenery hosting in a variety of wild beasts that includes the tigers, wild boars, deer, Chinkara and the Nilgai.

  • Mollem National Park:


Goa is not only the beaches and night life but has more of adventure to it! You cannot wait to explore Goa until you read this.

If you search for Black Panthers or Bengal Tigers then you will find that Mollem National Park will appear on the list of the places which is the home to these big beasts. Also, the place has been blessed in the nature’s awesomeness with a dense canopy of forests. The place is located at a distance of around 57 kms from the famous Panaji which is the location nearest to the park.

  • Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary:


Image source : TheWildlifeOfIndia

Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary which is embedded in the plush greenery of the Western Ghats is another of the least explored but the one that awaits you to treat you with a lot of surprise. It came to be listed as a wildlife sanctuary in the December of 2011 and the place is famous for its Barapede Caves and also is the only place which favors the breeding of Wroughton’s free tailed bat. Located in the Belgaum district of Karnataka it is the home to a variety of wild life that includes wild dogs, foxes, Sloth bears, spotted deers, and Gaurs.

  • Indravati National Park:


Image Source: SanctuariesIndia

Heard of the Indravati National Park in India? Located in the centre of India, you can reach this National Park easilu from the Jagdalpur in Bastar district. It is the tiger reserves in Chhattisgarh and can be seen swarming with wild life lovers though it falls in the list of least explored wild life destinations in India and is famous for the rare species of Indian wild buffaloes which is abundant in here.

  • Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary:


Image Source : IndianHoliday

The Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary located in the centre of India is another most important wildlife sanctuaries in India located in the Northern Part of the Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh. The place is overflowing with bamboo groves and you can find a diverse variety of flora including a wide variety of fauna such as the Sloth Bear, Sambar, Nilgai, Flying Squirrels, and birds and reptiles.

  • Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary:


Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is another adventurous as well as beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in India located in Goa. Also, you will find the place is dark as it is surrounded by tall trees which prevent light from reaching the ground. Some of the animals found in here include the Hyenas, Gazelles, Sloth Bears, Panthers and Porcupines.

  • Pilibhit Wildlife Sanctuary:


This Wildlife Sanctuary that is located at the foothills of Himalayan Mountains will give you that Adrenaline rush that you have been looking for when you set out to explore wild life. It is one among the 41 tiger reserves in India. Also, it is home to around 127 species of animals, and 500 different species of birds.

  • Bandipur:


Bandipur which is located at a distance of 255 kms from Bangalore is also one of the least explored wild life destinations in India. It is not only a tiger reserve but is the home to a variety of other species of animals that includes Sambar, elephants, hornbills and deers and more.

These are a few of the least explored wildlife destinations in India though there are more to be added in the list.

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