Top 12 Honeymoon Places in India !!

Marriages are made in heaven. So, let us celebrate the happiness of life’s journey in bliss. Give a new kick start to your life at a new place where you never have been.

India is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are a number of romantic destinations in the land which most of you are unaware of.

The tranquil backwater destinations, exotic beaches, mesmerizing hill stations, awesomeness of the abundant flora and fauna, and the deserts that stretch above infinity will be a pleasant choice for your honeymoon.

We have listed out the top 12 Honeymoon Destinations in India to help you out. You can find some of the best resorts in  Ooty if Ooty is your honeymoon destination. Weave out the most romantic and enticing trip of your life at these uniquely splendid places:


1.Go, go Goa.


Let it be Goa. One of the most preferred Honeymoon attraction in India. Goa is the dream land of all honeymoon goers. This beautiful honeymoon destination in India is blessed with those awesomely architectured Portuguese buildings, historical and heritage monuments, carpets of lust greenery draping the gardens, exotic beaches and more.

Stroll with your bae across these beaches to add some extra honey to your romantic mornings. Pour out some chilling champagne and add some spice to your celebrations with Goan sea food.

Take your soul mate to those rocking night beach parties. Lose yourself to the adventure of water sports including deep sea fishing, paragliding, and wind surfing.

Gather memories of a romantic day that will stay with you for a lifetime.

2. Did you ever see snowfalls in Tawang?


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No? Then, plan your honeymoon to this beautiful destination today. Tawang is the place where snow takes birth and drops in to join the infinity above the universe. There is a holy Tawang Monastery at this beautiful romantic honeymoon destination in the North East where you can seek blessings for a great life together over years to come.

Also, take a round in the helicopter. If your love-life is interested to sneak peek into the nature’s beauty, then take her for the local sightseeing. There are lots to see. Travelling is all about exploring new places and meeting new people. Interact with the localites here. Indulge in some mesmerizing activities.

People who are fond of road trips, this is the place that you need to take a ride across. It will give you the adrenaline kick making your honeymoon pleasant and a chilling experience.

Go angling, trekking or rafting which are some of the adventures that Tawang is popular for

3. Try saying this- She sells sea shells on the Sea Shore!


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Lakshadweep Islands will remind you of these tongue-trickers. Laugh your hearts out while you both compete with each other to recite these tongue twisters.

Have you seen the Coral Reefs for real? Yes, they do exist in Lakshadweep in the clear waters of the world famous Arabian sea.

These islands are the paradise on earth. Maybe you cannot think of another exotic and exuberant honeymoon paradise on an island other than Lakshadweep in India.

Get lost in the happiness and calmness of Lakshadweep while you have the love of your life clinging to you in your arms.

What else can bring a smile to your charming face?

Snorkeling, boating and Paragliding are some of the adventure sports in Bangaram and Agatti.

4. Sleep on the backwaters of Kerala.

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

Kumarakom is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Located in God’s own Country, this is the paradise for a perfect honeymoon destination. Choose for an overnight stay on your Kumarakom Houseboat cruise and enjoy the sleep in the middle of the tranquil backwaters decked against the beautiful murmur of the night.

You can visit Kuttanad, the coir factories, and the Vembanad Kayal Lake overflowing with awesomeness… For bird watchers here is a bird sanctuary that will mesmerize you…

5. Let the chilling slice of Himalayan ice run across your spine.

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

Shimla is the perfect honeymoon destination if you’re fond of the snow-clad mountains, pointed peaks, deep valleys, chilling climate. Catch glimpses of the most beautiful wonders of the world- the Himalayas from here.

Also, visit the Hip Hip Hurray Amusement Park, Viceregal Lodge, and Chadwick Falls, Dorie Drag Monastery, Jakhoo Temple and more.

6. Let love bloom in the beauty of Nainital.

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

Undoubtedly, there is no other place in India, like Nainital where you can share the happiness of love in such proximity with the nature.

The luster green hills that carpets over the place is why Nainital attracts several thousands of honeymoon goers from around the world every year. Take your bae for boat riding in the Naini Lake.

Also, enjoy the awesomeness of yachting, trekking, hiking and mountain climbing in Nainital…

7. Hold your world in your arms while nature hugs you.

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

We couldn’t fit in an expression that is beautifuller than this phrase for what Munnar is. This is one of the favorite honeymoon destinations of newlyweds. The mist that covers the beauty of the hill stations will mesmerize you. The green carpet of tea plantations that spreads across the mountains and hills is something more than what you need to embrace the love of romance on your honeymoon.

Sightseeing, bird watching, paragliding and trekking are some of the adventurous activities that will entertain you on your honeymoon to Munnar.

8. Basking love in the sand dunes of Mount Abu.

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

If you or your bae or both of you haven’t enjoyed the adventure of the desert rhythms, then Mount Abu should be your honeymoon destination. The green oasis that ferments across the unfertile land of desert, this beautiful piece of art work from nature is as high as 1,720 meters. This place reflects the beauty of Rajput rule and the grace of British architecture. Apart from its scenic and religious importance it embeds in itself a great historical story too.

9. Feast for your eyes and happiness to your soul is Kanchenjunga.


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How about Darjeeling? Perfect. We know you’ve been planning this for long and now hold your breath while we take you across the beauty of this mesmerizing place.  Wake her up to the beauty of the sun rising from behind the Kanchenjunga and Tiger Hills in Darjeeling. The luster of the green tea plantations and the hills that lie across is something that you cannot miss.

Also, take a ride on the famous toy train that will take you across the magnolia flowers that lies here and there and everywhere covering the hillsides.

Watch the beauty of the sun setting and bidding goodbye after a tiresome day. The other tourist attractions include Peace Pagoda, Batasia Loop, Singamari Ropeway, and Rock Gardens.

10. Another Paradise on Earth.

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

Srinagar: If there is another paradise on Earth then it is Srinagar. The snow clad mountains, the awesome orchards and the lush valleys will take your breath off. Take a ride in those wooden houseboats or Shikaras in the Dal Lake. Also, take your bae to the Shalimar Bagh, Chashma Shahi Bagh and the Mughal Gardens of Nishat Bagh where you can foster your love just like we have seen in those Bollywood movies that are our all time favorites.

11. Honeymoon is more than bliss here.


Manali: One of the most blissful honeymoon locations on earth.

Spend some romantic time with your bae in Manali. The Himalayan peaks, cascading waterfalls and the lust green hills is above what you can think of offering your love.

Indulge in some adventure sports such as paragliding, angling, biking, river rafting, trekking and mountain climbing.

12. New life, new beginnings: Let it be in Ooty!!!

Resorts in Wayanad
Resorts in Wayanad

Image source : Thrillophilia

Ooty is God’s paradise reinvented on Earth. This is one of the romantic destinations that attract people from all over the world to Tamil Nadu. Also known as the “Paradise of Honeymooners”. The botanical gardens, boating in the lakes, Nilgiris, and Conoor are some of the major tourist attractions in Ooty.

You can easily find some of the best resorts in Ooty to make your honeymoon holiday perfect.

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