Resorts in Masinagudi | How to enjoy your stay to the Fullest ?

Masinagudi is one of those beautiful places that you cannot miss out on your expedition if you are a traveler and specifically a nature lover. Exhausted of wandering across the forests? Then, take a break! Plunge into the serenic beauty of Masinagudi and get lost into the delighting charm of the mesmerizing flora and fauna where a wide range of wild boars and tigers can be spotted near to the Bandipur reserves, which are the home to a large number of endangered species.

Masinagudi lies towards the borders of Tamil Nadu, where you can find herds of untamed elephants, leopards, and spotted deers having a great time among their folks. If you plan to delight yourself to the entertainment planned by the beauties of these forests, then my dear friend you need not think more, book a room at any of those resorts in Masinagudi and find yourself being cuddled in the lap of nature listening to the mesmerizing vocal notes of the nightingales, the singing beauties of forests.

Now, if you want the nature to pamper you then book yourself and your family a room at Wild Planet, one of the best resorts in Masinagudi. Wild Planet is one amongst the very few eco lodges across the country, and the most amazing part is that it lies in the centre of the forest.

Regardless of whether your tour is inclined towards sight-seeing, adventure, honeymoon date or a family holiday or for a matter of fact anything, Wild Planet is one of those best Masinagudi resorts where you can find yourself relaxing far away from the hustle and bustle of the buzzing city life in the heart of nature where there is just serenity, peace and solace.

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To make your stay as awesome as possible here are some exciting places to visit in Masinagudi.

So, are you ready for the adventure? Then, here comes another package of mesmerism that awaits you in Masinagudi, some of the wonderful and beautiful places on earth that will leave you mouth gaping. Now allow us to unveil the surprise package that awaits you here:

Mudumalai National Park


If you have always thought of catching a closer glimpse of those ferocious beasts that has always excited you while watching them on National Geographic Channel, then here you will be welcomed to a Tiger Reserve, which was the Mudumalai National Park initially. It is located at a distance of 15 kms from Masinagudi where you can find potted deers, bisons and elephants along with the wilderness of tigers, leopards and others. Also, there are around 266 different species of birds here. What else do you need to confirm your trip?

Bandipur National Park


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This is something that the traveler in you cannot afford to miss. Located at a distance of 25 kms from Masinagudi, this is one of the reserved areas where the Project Tiger was formed with an intention to protect these species on the verge of extinct and also you can find a large number of Asian elephants and the total number of tigers is 70. Also you can find jackals, panthers, snakes, spotted deers and cobra inside the park. Birdwatchers keep calm and watch the birds, there are more than 300 different varieties of birds here.




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Ooty needs no introduction. Everyone has heard of the glorious melodies of Ooty describing its beauty and awesomeness. It is located at a distance of 36kms from Masinagudi and is the paradise on earth. The hill station is famous for boating across its lakes and the botanical gardens with the wide species of flora and also its museums. Shopping freaks hold on this is where you might lose your calm!

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta


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The famous temple of Lord Krishna lies to the top of this peak. It extends towards the Bandipur National Park where you can spot a wide variety of animals wandering across. Also the beauty of the hill covered in mist is something more that will make your heart skip a beat.

Theppakadu Elephant camp


The exciting part is that the Sanctuary originated from the Theppakadu Elephant camp where in the traditional olden days, elephants were made captives using the conventional pit method. But now they are protected at the WildLife Sanctuary bringing an end to the captive suffering. They are now used only for Eco-tourism purposes and the area is under high surveillance which is organized as part of anti-poaching measures.

Marvakandy Dam

Marvakandy Dam located near to the Sigur village has something more to amaze you! If you are fortunate enough you will spot some wildlife here. It is hardly at a distance of 5 minutes drive from the centre of Masinagudi.

The beauty of wildlife does not cease at the Bandipur National Park, it extends beyond that towards the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park where a complete herd of a large number of wild animals are wandering. Surrounded by the 3 states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu inclined towards the North Eastern Slopes of the Nilgiris, from the Western Ghats joining the Mysore Plateau Mudumalai is more than a sanctuary and a national park. It was declared as the wildlife sanctuary in the year 1940 by the Madras Presidency. The Bandipur Tiger Reserves, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve are the nearest neighbors of the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary & National park and it overflows with wildlife.

Things to do in Masinagudi.

Now that you have decided to make yourself at home in Masinagudi, book yourself a room at Wild Planet, one of the people’s preferred choice of Masinagudi resorts. Also, excitingly there are a lot of things that is awaiting your arrival in Masinagudi. Here take a look at the things to do in Masinagudi:

Explore Wildlife :


Masinagudi, is recognized as one of the natural habitats of wild life. You can find large varieties of species that are on the verge of extinction and these animals are trying to protect themselves from human poaching. Also the different varieties of animals include elephants, spotted deers, bear and much more.

Safaris :


With the permission from the Forest Department you can pamper yourself for Safaris across the Sanctuary. Elephants are used for Safaris and also you can choose for van safaris which are on another route. But there are strict timings for each and if you are lucky you might spot some wild life on your safari.

Elephant  :


Elephant lovers- this place is for you as there is a camp dedicated to elephants here. The camp is managed by the forest department. These elephants offering poojas is a beautiful sight that no one can miss.

Trekking :


If you are passionate about trekking then the insides of Masinagudi with those dense forests are beckoning you for an out-of-the-world trekking experience. You can find yourself among a wide range of flora and fauna on your trekking expedition. Also you need to get prior permission to trek. A guide or the forest officials will accompany you on your trekking adventure. If you are fortunate you can spot a few deers or tigers wandering across while trekking.

Bird Watching :


The Mudumalai Sanctuary is famous for its bird life as you can find more Thant 320 different species of birds that are both sedentary as well as migratory. The birds includes Grey Jungle Fowl, Goggle Eyed Plower, Malabar Whistling Thrush, Large Racket-Tailed Dronge, The Magpie-robin, Spotted Babbler, Small Green Barbet, Green Pigeons, Brown Dove, Grey Hornbill, Bulbuls, Mynahs, etc Mudumalai Sanctuary is part of one area comprising Bandipur (Karnataka), Nagarhole (Karnataka), Tholpetty (Kerala) and is located right on the edge of the border with neighboring Bandipur sanctuary in Karnataka.

Attractions of  Wild Planet Resort. 

Wild Planet is one amongst the best resorts and hotels in Masinagudi but also it provides a wide range of attractions and activities that you are waiting for.


Taking you across the beauty of the wild life, also it will give you a lot of entertainment in the form of camp fire.


The night life in the resorts in Masinagudi is extremely enthralling. Camp fire is part of the resort activities where you can rest and gather around while your favorite Barbeque is being grilled. The chirping of birds the beauty of the wind and breeze blowing across with the starry night is all calling you towards Masinagudi.


Don’t waste a second! Pack your bags and set out to Masinagudi.

25c.Corracle Boat

Wild Planet with one of the best amenities and sophistication is one of the best resorts in Masinagudi. Book your room today! Click here for more pictures.

Things to know before getting your backpack ready!

How to Reach Masinagudi :

Nearest Airport – Calicut (132kms), Coimbatore (115kms), Mysore (97kms)

Nearest Railway Station – Udhagamandalam (UAM) – 32kms, Coonoor (ONR) – 57kms, Chamarajanagar (CMNR) – 75kms

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Weather :

 Average Day / Night Temperature of Masinagudi


29°C / 15°C


30°C / 17°C


32°C / 19°C


33°C / 20°C


31°C / 21°C


25°C / 19°C


24°C / 19°C


28°C / 19°C


28°C / 19°C


27°C / 19°C


27°C / 16°C


27°C / 16°C


Network Coverage :

All networks like BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone works at Masinagudi, But BSNL is recommended to be the one that offers better connectivity in this region.

Recommendations :

It is recommended to stay at least 3 days to visit all the above mentioned places.

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